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    China Merchants Securities: expected August CPI rose 1,lacoste occhiali da sole,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/n0100102243.html.9% PPI up by 5.5%

Phoenix FINANCE Integrated Merchants Securities recently released macroeconomic data in August 2015 forecast represents a substantial infrastructure not force the economy still in the doldrums.

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China Merchants Securities analysts said the August PMI initial value of the new wealth hit a record low, reflecting the manufacturing severe financial difficulties. From cement prices,http://sportsfan.jpn.org/cgi-kban/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=47&page=2, the substantial investment in infrastructure has not sent forces to stabilize the real estate investment may take some time before. After the monetary policy continued to force, fiscal policy needs strong cooperation in order to ease the downward pressure on the economy. Thus, in August macroeconomic data likely to remain sluggish trend in July.

China Merchants Securities is expected CPI rose 1.9%,http://www.warmovie.com, PPI rose 5.5%. Statistics 50 major cities the average price of agro-food and Commerce Department released its weekly high frequency data,loudboutin shoes homme ete, in the past four months, the rapid rise in pork price gains narrowed, 22 provinces and pigs hog prices have come down, However, the rapid rise in prices of fresh vegetables and eggs, therefore, is expected to expand this month, food prices rose to more than 1.4%, non-food prices was 0.1%, CPI growth of 0.5%.

From the Commerce Department reported that prices of industrial products sub-item data, ferrous metals, chemical products prices rebounded slightly, while the financial and colored rubber prices continue to fall. Near the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the market worried about China and other emerging markets economic prospects,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=72&page=2

, the general depreciation of emerging market currencies,http://ja.flightaware.com/flightplan, with larger decreases in commodity markets, crude oil is the six-year low. Industrial prices still deep deflationary territory.
China Merchants Securities industry is expected in August year on year increase of 6.9%, fixed asset investment grew 11.1%, consumption increased by 10.7%. Despite the high-frequency data show that industrial production is more sluggish, but due to the same period last year, industrial growth was only 6.9%,http://mizu-masa.sakura.ne.jp/yokkaichi/movie/sunbbs2/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=1949&page=2, the lowest level in the year 2014, will push the low base in August this year, industrial growth year on year,http://www.tsv-trostberg-handball.de, so we expect the August industrial the year on year growth rebounded significantly higher than in July,louboutin femme, but the chain growth is difficult to significant improvement. Although consumption is stable, but themselves they still sluggish investment and exports put pressure on the supply side pressure.
New lending 800 billion yuan. M2 growth was 13.4%. M2 continued to rise, pushing one drop quasi money multiplier. In February, the end of April and 6 comprehensive or targeted repeatedly cut the deposit rate, pushing the money multiplier from 4.21 in late February rose to 4.78 in late July and this month RRR again. Second,adidas high top femme, securities investment growth more depository corporations buy local government bonds,ugg bottes femmes, shares and other investments increased significantly. Since August 11 the central bank central parity exchange quotation mechanism reform, the central bank actively intervene in the foreign exchange market, regulate the market supply and demand, but also through various monetary tools to supplement liquidity,occhiali da sole, foreign exchange is expected in August from the previous month of negative growth in a substantial increase in the scale.
The face of asset price volatility, the central bank once again to give the market monetary policy by keeping loose double down the strong signal to stabilize the capital market expectations. However, the devaluation would push up domestic inflation, the moment in the short term real interest rates negative situation will continue.
Expected export growth of -5.0%,longines puma tag occhiali da vista,http://vegalta7.s156.xrea.com/aska/aska.cgi/news/nationworld/world/modules/mod_mp3_files/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=32&itemid=65&layout=default, -5.3% year on year growth of imports, the trade balance of $ 48 billion. Rapid depreciation of the RMB exchange rate in August to 6.4 level, causing worldwide, especially in emerging market turmoil, the economic situation raised fears that the overall demand is likely to have a certain extent, but this effect may be more lag reflected in the trade situation in the next few months. Exchange factors contribute to the RMB exchange rate changes brought immediate lifting export volumes, but will suppress the size of imports, coupled with commodity prices continue to fall, the domestic economy is still sluggish, exports are expected to scale up slightly from last month,swarovski colliers, slightly lower than imports last month, trade surplus expanded slightly,jeremy scott pour longchamp, year on year growth in the high base effect is still negative.
Merchants macro team: Xieya Xuan, Zhang Yiping, Yan Ling, Liu Yaxin

The most accurate economic situation and policy analysis, economic research professor of the most professional way and interpret exclusive macro news broke, all in Phoenix Report, scan the QR code reader free of charge. ((ID: ifengxbg)





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    That tree in front of home


Pronto two decades later, in front of the house sinking sickly sapling has grown into a towering tree,nike france, dark mottled trunk, disk Qiu Wolong like branches, green leaves as cover, as a bright green waterfall in front of our house four seasons flowing. In front of our house to become the most beautiful landscape.

Twenty years ago I remember that spring, a time when a good planting season, and my father before planting to bring the slope in front of me and my sister home. Tree planting for children, no doubt as a magnet fascinated us,nike air max pas cher, my sister and I would have to mention the former holding a shovel in front of the barrel and so at home that slope, a small slope for children children, is a fairy-tale world, colorful wildflowers, grotesque beetles, butterflies dancing is undoubtedly a crowded party, I was immersed in his own world of imagination among the dancing. The tree planting things in the brain has long been thrown out the window, my father and my sister has a few good pit dug sister leaning saplings father in a little filling, and shortly behind me, the more out of a piece of shade, suddenly I do not know where my sister picked up a yellow wilting trees,air max pas cher enfant, trembling in your hand, timidly asked: Dad root trees can live? Dad glanced saplings,gioielli italia, seedlings brown hair listless as the patient is about to expire, and you look at it Xiaonan too sick,hogan prezzi, probably not live ah. A sick word as an electric current deep sting father''s heart, the father realized that he just made a remark may hurt her daughter''s self-esteem,louis vuitton occhiali da vista, a little daughter born with disabilities, the leg bone dysplasia, leading to walk a little lame leg and saw her limping walk, the way my father sad hearts immediately swarmed the heart,coach bracciali, Yankuangshirun, and I was silent.

Sister grew up in grew up in other people''s ridicule, disability brought him not only the physical pain is the pain of the soul, and saw his weak petite body curled up in a dark corner of the classroom, she saw walked difficult pace, in people''s regret slowly forward. My heart in the blood, as her holy angels, let her go off a wing,parka woolrich, she was white as diamonds in the rough,swarovski colliers, left her more than a little flaw. Sister in strange vision of others, becoming increasingly gloomy prelude to a smile slowly passing away.

All this in the eyes of my father to see the pain in my heart, in order to cure my sister, my father took my sister does not know how many went to the hospital, seen many doctors, the results are unsatisfactory, to help her sister get back a smile, my family always It is changing the law bucket happy sister,air max classic bw, sister want to be able to open the windows of the soul,escarpins louboutin pas cher, come out from the shadow of low self-esteem, the courage to love sun bathing.

The annual Arbor Day, my father always took me and my sister, because the plant is a labor, but also a behavior to create life,louboutin noir, and my father wanted me and my sister by planting trees know how to care for life,escarpins louboutin, respect life, cherish life, reverence life. Arbor Day this year different, because my sister laughed in tree planting activities. That gave hearty laughter, my father moved almost to tears.

Dad was just careless words and phrase deep remorse, quickly corrected himself and said: Xiaonan I just said no,dior occhiali da sole, Fengyun trees can live, do not believe you can kind of go, it certainly can live. Flanagan looked listless brown hair stubborn saplings lying on sister''s hands, I echoed,woolrich accessori, can live as long as the root of the trees can not live off my sister looked at us a little head, his eyes flashing with strong tears.

Dad chose a fertile land, the trees carefully planted down, and gave trees pouring enough water every few days I will go to watch over the trees, and every time to go, there are changes in trees I saw trees slowly faded yellow sickly,air max pas chèr, a little green back to health by the sparse becomes dense,louboutin plates-forme, the petite become thick, trees thrive in the ever-changing, the only constant is small the tree of the two pairs of footprints, one large and one small, a deep one shallow.

Later, my sister had an operation, a successful operation to cure his sister''s disability. Today sister is blossoming into a big girl,cappelli nike, I became the most beautiful home that landscape.

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